The predecessor of the blue Andalusian originated in the province of Andalusia in Spain and belonged to the group of Mediterranean breeds. The breed has not become known under this name in Spain, however.
The Andalusian was developed from black and white Spanish fowl that included the black Minorca and its white sport offspring. The Minorca has played an important part in the further development of the breed.
Towards the middle of the last century, blue Andalusians were exported to England where they were given their name and further developed.

Andalusians are not the easiest of breeds for a novice poultry-breeder, because the colour blue does not breed true and breaks up into three different colours in the offspring.
Blue x blue will breed 25% black, 50% blue and 25% splash-white offspring. Breeding the splash-whites and blacks together will result in 100% blue offspring. Breeding black x blue will result in 50% black and 50% blue offspring. The above is called intermediate inheritance. Some genetic knowledge is needed to be able to breed as many blue offspring as possible.


Apart from the smaller comb, wattles and ears and 10% less weight, the type of the Andalusian is similar to that of the Minorca.
A typical Mediterranean breed with a full, round breast, the body is long with a broad back tapering to the tail. The head is moderately long with good width with a slate, horn-coloured beak.
The single comb is upright, bright red and large with preferably five points that are deeply serrated. The comb of the hen falls with a single fold to one side. The eyes are large and are red-brown in colour. Very typical are the slightly elongated, almond shaped white ear lobes. The red wattles are fairly long.
The longish neck is slightly curved and well covered with hackle feathers in the cockerel. The big wings are fairly long and broad. The wing bays and bars are broad and overlap each other. The tail is large in comparison with the body and is carried at an angle of 35 to 40 degrees. The slate coloured, long shanks are straight and positioned slightly apart under the body. The plumage is close, compact, and the down short.


The Andalusian is an active, vivid and hardy breed that will produce an average of 150 white eggs of about 60 grams a year. They do not often become broody.
The chicks grow quickly and possess good resistance against diseases. This active, enterprising breed needs fairly spacious accommodation. They are not very suitable to be kept free range, as they tend to fly.


Depending on the sex and age, they weigh between 2000 and 3250 grams.


Andalusians only come in one colour, namely blue with black lacing.