Jersey Giants

"Jack," my first Black Jersey Giant cock

Jersey Giants appear in the Standard of Perfection (USA) in two varieties: Black and White. Cocks should weigh 13 pounds and hens 10 pounds. The breed was developed in the 1880s in New Jersey. It carries Java, Brahma and Langshan blood and its skin is yellow. The breeders who created the breed were aiming at a large roasting fowl. As a meat bird in the modern world, however, it is slow-growing and therefore not commercially viable. On the other hand, few poultry sights are as impressive as a flock of Black Jersey Giants on a green lawn.

Breed club:

National Jersey Giant Club
Robert Vaughn
18339 Manning Trail North
Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047

Jersey Giant Links:

An SPPA article on the origins of the Blue Jersey Giant

"Curry," a Black Jersey Giant hen
Photo courtesy of Melissa Valley

"Jeff" is my favorite Black Jersey Giant rooster
Those are Marans pullets in with him
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

A White Jersey Giant cockerel
Photo courtesy of Nick Nick (The Chicken Mother!)

A White Jersey Giant pullet
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

My Blue Jersey Giant hen "Yolanda"

A Blue Jersey Giant cockerel
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

"Shadow," a Black Jersey Giant chick
Photo courtesy of Peggy Moore

Black Jersey Giant chicks
Photo courtesy of Gerald Severs

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