aka Dominikers

"Michigan," a Dominique cock of Dominique Farm breeding

The Dominique was the bird that travelled across the country with the pioneers. Known as Dominikers, they were quite hardy and could forage well. This historically important breed is now very rare.

Breed club:

Dominique Club of America
Mark A. Fields
5000 Driskel Road
Columbia, MO 65202

Dominique Links:

Paul Stump's Dominique page

Mike Stichler on Dominiques

"MEM," my first Dominiker hen, a McMurray Hatchery bird

White Dominique cock and pullet
Now, I've never heard of White Dominques, but there they were at the '98 Ohio National, so of course I got pictures!

A Dominiker cockerel
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

"Emily," my six-year-old Dominique is starting to go white. Until this year, she had perfect Dominique markings. Compare to Yukako

Dominique chick, a pullet
The Dominique pullet has a distinct spot on it's head and a shadow on the front of the feet & legs. The cockerel has a fuzzy head spot and no foot/leg shadow.
Photo and info courtesy of Paul Stump

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