The original Orpington, the Black, was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in 1890. It was developed from Langshan-Rock-Minorca crosses. Today Buff, Black, White, and Blue Orpingtons are recognized.

Developed as a dual purpose breed, Orpingtons make fair table fowl and are excellent winter layers of large brown eggs. They have very laid back personalities and make good pets. I've heard that the Buffs are especially good in this regard.

"Alfred," a Buff Orpington cock
Photo courtesy of Judy Witney


Breed clubs:
United Orpington Club
Warren Tye
982W 4800S
Murray, UT 84123

The Buff Orpington Club
P. E. Smedley
Leckby House, Flaxton, York,
North Yorkshire YO6 7QZ
phone: 01904-468387

The Orpington Club
Mrs. J. Bridson
4 Arthog Road, Didsbury,
Greater Manchester, M20 0GH
phone: 01614-451090
e-mail: mick.barrett@virgin.net

The Orpington Club of Australia
Robert Stanley
222 Myall St.
NSW 2830, Australia
e-mail: witney@foxall.com.au


Orpington Links:

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Kitaline Farm's Buff Orpingtons

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Orpington Books:

The Orpington Fowl by Will Burdett & Joseph Batty, 1998, 168 pp., Beech Publishing, 7 Station Yard, Elsted Marsh, Midhurst GU29 0JT, England, ISBN: 1857363434. This large folio covers the entire history of the breed, both in the UK and abroad. Will Burdett is considered "Mr. Orpington" in the UK and is also the keeper of the Queen Mother's Orpingtons. This large and excellent volume is a must for all orpington fanciers. It also covers all the varieties and has chapters on breeding, feeding and rearing.

A Buff Orpington female

A Buff Orpington rooster
Photo courtesy of Matt Collum

A Mottled Orpington
Photo courtesy of Sivert S. Almvik

"Andi," my Splash Orpington bantam hen

A Black cock and Blue hen
Photo courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

A Buff Orpington pullet
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Five-month-old Blue Orpington bantam pullets
Photo courtesy of Judy Witney

A Gold Laced Orpington pullet
Photo courtesy of Frances A. Bassom

A pair of Buff Orpingtons

A young pair of Blue Orpingtons
Photo courtesy of J. Gettle

A Buff Orpington cockerel ready for a nap
Champion English at Columbus '98, owned by Bill Ryan
Photo courtesy of Beth Adams

A Buff cockerel crowing about his offspring!
Photo courtesy of Grant Brereton

A Buff Orpington chick
Photo courtesy of Peggy Moore

Another Buff Orpington chick
Someone sent me this image and I've lost the information. If it's yours, please e-mail me, so I can give you credit.

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