Plymouth Rocks

A Barred Plymouth Rock hen

Barred Plymouth Rocks, often sold as Barred Rocks, are one of the most popular of the dual purpose breeds for backyard flocks. White Rocks are crossed with White Cornish to produce the Rock/Cornish hybrid that makes up most of the roasting chickens found in supermarkets.

Bantam Plymouth Rocks are also quite popular.

Breed clubs:

Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club
David Atkins
1988 Cook Rd
Lucasville, OH 45648
phone: 614-259-2852 eves

The Canadian Plymouth Rock Club
c/o John Gohm
Eden, Ontario
Canada NOJ IHO

The Plymouth Rock Club
Mr. T. J. Heginbotham
26 Nook Glade
Grimsargh, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5JX
phone: 01772-652251 e-mail:

Scottish Plymouth Rock Club
Mr. A. Kirkpatrick
Strathmore, Beith Rd.
Glengarnock, Strathclyde, KA14 3BX
phone: 01505-683251

The Plymouth Rock Club of Australia
Adrian Kuys
phone: (08) 8836 7242

Plymouth Rock Links:

Loren Hadley on The Plymouth Rock

A nice Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel

Another view of another Barred Rock cockerel
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

"Amanda," a White Rock hen
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

My Silver Pencilled Rock pullet "Etchings"

A couple of White Rock cockerels

This White Rock pullet was Champion Large Fowl at the 1998 Cobleskill, NY, show
She is owned by Richard Hickman of NJ

"Elaine" & "Little Jerry S.," a pair of Partridge Rocks
Photos courtesy of Caleb Stroh

"Napoleon" & "Lady," a pair of Columbian Rocks
Photos courtesy of Rose M. Isgrigg

A show quality Barred Rock female

A utility Barred Plymouth Rock hen
Photo courtesy of Valerie Clavin

My favorite Barred Rock, "BitchHiker"
1991 (or earlier) - 3/8/2000
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

How Bitchy got her name

Barred Rock chicks
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Barred Rock chick
Photo courtesy of Stacy Spitz

A 9-day-old Barred Rock chick
Photo courtesy of Jan Bailie

Two shots of "Napoleon" the Columbian Rock as a four-day-old
Photos courtesy of Rose M. Isgrigg

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