"Helmet," my standard Sultan cock
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

Sultans, which come in both bantam and standard, are one of the more unique breeds of poultry. In addition to a full crest, muff and beard, they have heavily feathered shanks with vulture hocks (a disqualification in most breeds), five toes, and a small, V-shaped comb. Although originating in southeastern Europe, they became very popular in Turkey, where they were known as the "Sultan's Fowl."

"Lotus," Shahbazin's bantam Sultan hen
Photo courtesy of Shahbazin

A good pair of sultans
Photo courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

A Sultan bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Shamp

A young Sultan bantam

A Sultan pullet
Photo courtesy of Lisa Feitshans

A Sultan chick
Photo courtesy of Frances A. Bassom

A Sultan bantam chick
Photo courtesy of Linda Brenner

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