-newhampshire-rhode island red
-partridge rock -chantecler -dark cornich
-leghorn brouwn -speckled sussex

mix with hend`s:
light sussex -light bralmas
-columbian rock -columbian wyandotte
-white wyandotte -sylver laced wyandotte
-sylver penciled wyandotte -sylver penciled rock
-dark bralmas -fayoumis -hambourg argentÚs(sylver)

will give red or brouwn =poulette`s
and white or light = male`s

black australop/red or buff male with plym. rock hen = black poulette`s and gray male`s

an other tip blue leg`s male with yellow or white leg`s poulette`s
=bleu leg`s on poulette`s and yellow or white leg`s on male`s

I forgot to give you another tip;
mixe a fast groing feather (americamas male for ex.)
with a slow groing feather (cochin poulette for ex.)
poulette`s will grow feather`s faster than male`s